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About Quickbooks Training

A large business generally has various teams or departments to perform every function of the business, including the accounting function. But the same is not the case with a small or mid-sized firm. Such businesses have lesser employees and smaller teams. Therefore, to help such firms to manage their bookkeeping and accounting processes, Integrated Accounting & Business Solutions has come up with a training for QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online is an online accounting software that provides on-premises applications for accounting. This software is very popular among small and mid-sized businesses for its easy to use framework

Integrated Accounting & Business Solutions is an accounting firm that has the collective knowledge of accounting, business development, financial planning, and marketing. It is a firm found by an professional accountant having 20 years of industry and public accounting experience with business and regulatory reporting.

What does the training include?

The QuickBooks online training is a comprehensive training that will include:

1. Starting QuickBooks Online Accountant: In this session, you will learn about the software, its benefits and get a quick demo.

2. The Certification and Advanced Certification Training: In this session, you will first learn the functionality of QuickBooks and give the certification exam. After the certification exam, you can continue learning to get the advanced certification training.

3. Custom Training: We can discuss with you to understand your needs and objectives to design custom training to make you successful in your business.

What will you learn?

1. How to set up your QuickBooks Online account?

2. How to record different transactions on QuickBooks Online?

3. How to find and rectify transaction entry mistakes?

4. How to navigate through different statements and records in QuickBooks Online?

The benefits of using QuickBooks for your business:

1.Reduced extra costs:

Opting for QuickBooks Online will automate your bookkeeping process. You will not need to spend extra money on hiring a new resource, as you will be trained to handle your own bookkeeping.

2.Gives you authority:

With the knowledge acquired from the QuickBooks Online training, you will be in a better position to take charge of your accounts and manage your finances better.

3.Enhances your knowledge:

While the training will focus on getting you equipped with how to use QuickBooks Online, you will also end up learning a few things about accounting as the trainers are accountants themselves.

4.Reduces space wastage:

When you start using QuickBooks Online, it automatically reduces your paperwork. You will start making all your entries online instead of noting them down. Also, since all the entries will be stored on the cloud, it will not occupy any hard drive space either.

5.Gives you easy accessibility:

QuickBooks Online stores all your accounting records on the cloud. This means that you can access the records from any computer, anywhere in the world. To ensure your data is secure, QuickBooks Online also follows a strict secure encryption policy.

QuickBooks Online is a good software for not only small and mid-sized businesses but also large organizations. It is easy to use, and one can easily get certified to use it. So, if you want to automate your business accounting records, enroll for the training with us today.

Sage 50 Training

Good number of businesses use Sage 50 as their choice of accounting software. We also provide training and support to our clients for the following:

1. Setting of new company in Sage50 for our clients
2. Training for day to day accounting functions
3. Setting up of Payroll for the company employees in Sage
4. Other functions like inventory, bank reconciliations etc.

Sage50 is a famous software for all sizes of businesses. Once the person is trained on its functionalities, It becomes very effective tool for running the business. So, if you want to automate your business accounting records, call us today for consulting your needs with us.

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