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About Mobile Accounting

Businesses these days do not follow the same old pattern of working. They no longer have a designated team to handle all the aspects of a business. Also, there is a trend among small and mid-sized firms to work with a limited number of employees. Therefore, such firms may need to outsource certain functions or processes. Accounting or bookkeeping is one such function. For companies that require external services for their accounting processes, Integrated Accounting & Business Solutions (IABS) provides mobile accounting services. In this service, we provide on-site accounting support to our clients. Our representatives will visit your workplace on a weekly or monthly basis and provide you with complete accounting assistance. We also offer complete outsourcing of the function including pick and drop services for the documents.

We are an accounting company that has a team of smart professionals who work in collaboration to provide comprehensive accounting services. Led by professional accountant having 20 years of industry and public accounting experience in business development, and regulatory reporting. IABS thrives to offer the best accounting services for small and mid-sized companies.

The services we offer include:

1. Individual and Business Accounting Services:

We do not restrict our services to businesses only. We provide business consulting, financial and planning services for both our individual and business clients.

2. Bookkeeping Services:

IABS is a company that has years of experience in bookkeeping. We use this knowledge to keep our client’s bookkeeping updated and ready for both financial and taxation reference. We provide complete bookkeeping services including record maintenance, bank reconciliation, custom reports, etc. Also, we make sure there are no errors in your records.

3. Preparation of Financial Statement:

The amount of profit that your business made in a year can be defined based on the final accounts statement for the year. This reporting should be error-free and all the details need to be entered meticulously. We prepare financial statements based on the information provided by management and the guidelines provided by Accounting Standards of Private Enterprises (ASPE) in Canada.

4. Tax Planning:

We also specialize in tax planning services. This includes individual tax, corporate tax, and estate or trust tax. It is essential that the income tax of an individual is planned as per the Canada Revenue Agency. We provide the guidance for the same. For corporate taxes, we work with our clients before the financial year end and during the year to identify possible mitigations for taxes.

5. Payroll Services:

We provide payroll services for businesses of all size. Our services include T4 returns, employment records, salary management, financial modelling for incentives, etc.

The benefits of mobile accounting for your business:

You save the extra cost that may be incurred when you hire a completely new resource to just handle your accounts. We work with you on a contractual fee that is only applicable to the services that we provide on-site. Also, by providing outsourced services including pick and drop of documents, we save your time and time is money.

You get contractual flexibility to only pay for the services you want. Also, we do not have any complicated contracts. All you need to do is send us your scope of work, and we will send our best suited professional to get it done.

You get accurate records as experienced professional work on your accounting process. You can peacefully focus on your work while our professionals take care of your business accounting.

You get complete accounting support not only from the professional assigned to do your work but also from our company.

You will be provided with consultation services as per your convenience. We are flexible in our meeting locations. Whether you want us to meet at your office or on the weekends at a café, we will be there.

Running a business means dealing with various functions at once. So, lighten your burden a little by opting for our mobile accounting services.

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